Erasmus+ project “TL-IRMP” – Course for European students on Radiation processing has been successfully accomplished

INCT being an IAEA Collaborating Center coordinated Erasmus + project entitled “Joint innovative training and teaching/learning program in enhancing development and transfer knowledge of application of ionizing radiation in materials processing” (Acronym: TL-IRMP). The project started from 2014.11.01 and ended at 2017.10.30. 7 partners participated in this project, they were INSTYTUT CHEMII I TECHNIKI JADROWEJ (INCT) from Poland , KAUNO TECHNOLOGIJOS UNIVERSITETAS (KTU) from Lithuania, HACETTEPE UNIVERSITESI (HU) from Turkey , CONSIGLIO NAZIONALE DELLE RICERCHE (CNR) from Italy, UNIVERSITE DE REIMS CHAMPAGNE-ARDENNE (URCA) from France , UNIVERSITA DEGLI STUDI DI PALERMO (UNIPA) from Italy, and INSTITUTUL DE CHIMIE MACROMOLECULARA PETRU PONI (ICMPP) from Romania. The aim of this project was to enhance teaching education level in physics, chemistry and material science in higher education sector through intensive lectures delivered by world recognized scientists and to increase students competence in labour markets through the visits and training in industrial radiation facilities for material processing. Within the project, the course module “APPLICATIONS OF IONIZING RADIATION IN MATERIALS PROCESSING” as intellectual output O1 was developed and tested twice (2015, 2016) during the intensive learning course sessions held in UNIPA(Italy) & INCT(Poland) in 2015, URCA (France) and KTU(Lithuania) in 2016. 13 world recognized Professors and scientists working in this research field have delivered lectures. 88 EU students in total participated in this intensive course. There were 90 hours of lectures and 12 hours of practice (lab works and visits to industrial irradiation facility) in each intensive learning programme. 9 ECTS credits were awarded to the students who passed the written examination. Analysis results of the course module as intellectual output O3 were elaborated and given in English, Italian, French, Lithuanian, Polish, Turkish and Romanian, respectively.

A textbook ”APPLICATIONS OF IONIZING RADIATION IN MATERIALS PROCESSING” as intellectual output O2 has been elaborated and printed, it is open access.

Three times dissemination activities were held to disseminate the course module and textbook, more than 120 Poles and 30 foreigners from 15 countries participated in these dissemination activity. The detailed project information is available in seven languages (

The project was successfully implemented. Polish National Agency (NA) Erasmus+ evaluated the project “Competent and well-composed partnership; competent researchers and lectures engaged with the project; high quality of developed materials (lecture presentation and textbook); well-designed and updated project website (aesthetic, functional, easy navigation, complete); successfully and effectively implemented Promotion and Dissemination Plan ( especially E1, E2 and E3)”. Partners also expressed their thanks to the coordinator Associate Professor Yongxia Sun for “the perfect coordination of the project and the efforts spent for the success of the project” ( cited from Prof. Clelia Dispenza, Prof. Giuseppe Spadaro from UNIPA; Dr. Clara Silvestre from CNR ; and Prof. Diana Adlienė from KTU), and express their willness of the future cooperation - „I really hope that further interaction will start based on the connections and achievement of this project” (Cited from Prof. Xavier Coqueret from URCA, France.)

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