Applications of ionizing radiation in materials processing

edited by
Yongxia Sun and Andrzej G. Chmielewski

Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology
Warszawa 2017

ISBN 978-83-933935-8-9
ISBN 978-83-933935-9-6 (Volume 1)
ISBN 978-83-946412-0-7 (Volume 2)

Text of the book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 3.0 License (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

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Contents Chapter 11
Crosslinking of polymers in radiation processing
G. Przybytniak
Preface Chapter 12
Radiation sterilization
A. Rafalski, M. Rzepna, U. Gryczka, S. Bułka
Chapter 1
Basic radiation physics and sources of radiation
D. Adliene
Chapter 13
Radiation processing of polymers in aqueous media
C. Dispenza, S. Alessi, G. Spadaro
Chapter 2
Radiation interaction with condensed matter
D. Adliene
Chapter 14
Radiation modification of polysaccharides and their composites/nanocomposites
K. Cieśla
Chapter 3
Dosimetry principles, dose measurements and radiation protection
D. Adliene, R. Adlyte
Chapter 15
Established and emerging applications of radiation-induced graft polymerization
O. Guven
Chapter 4
Radiation chemistry of liquid systems
K. Bobrowski
Chapter 16
Fundamental aspects of radiation-induced curing
X. Coqueret, G. Ranoux
Chapter 5
Radiation chemistry of organic solids
C. Vasile, E. Butnaru
Chapter 17
Radiation methods and uses in nanotechnology
D. Chmielewska
Chapter 6
Radiation-induced polymerization
X. Coqueret
Chapter 18
Radiation use in producing track-etched membranes
W. Starosta
Chapter 7
Ionizing radiation-induced crosslinking and degradation of polymers
G. Spadaro, S. Alessi, C. Dispenza
Chapter 19
Radiation pretreatment of biomass
M. Torun
Chapter 8
Radiation-induced oxidation of polymers
E. M. Kornacka
Chapter 20
Application of radiation technology to food packing
C. Silvestre, S. Cimmino, E. Stoleru, C. Vasile
Chapter 9
Radiation-induced grafting
M. Walo
Chapter 21
Application of radiation technologies for the modification of electronic devices
Z. Zimek
Chapter 10
Relevant methodologies for the characterization of irradiated materials
C. Vasile, E. Stoleru, S. Cimmino, C. Silvestre
Chapter 22
Future developments in radiation processing
A. G. Chmielewski