Central European Initiative Project (CEI) CEI Extraordinary Call for Proposals 2020

CEI ichtj

General Information
Project title: Dissemination of the Knowledge on Application of Ionising Radiation for Sterilization of Medical Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment and the other Microbiologically Infected Objects

Project leader: Krystyna Cieśla, PhD, DSc, Prof. INCT
Marta Walo, PhD
Hanna Lewandowska-Siwkiewicz, PhD, DSc
Wojciech Głuszewski, PhD
Rafał Kocia, PhD
Andrzej Rafalski, PhD
Zbigniew Zimek, PhD
Sylwester Sommer, PhD
Magdalena Rzepna, MSc

Financial support: Central European Initiaitive (CEI); CEI Extraordinary Call for Proposals 2020, grant No 305 3938-20, co-financed by Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology.
CEI ichtj

Dissemination of the knowledge on application of ionising radiation (E-beam and Gamma Rays) for sterilization of medical equipment, PPE and the other microbiologically infected objects was the goal of the project. The activity consisted on collection and critical analysis of the appropriate data, elaboration and organization of the Webinars, as well as elaboration realisation, production and dissemination of information material in a paper form and via internet.



Information Materials