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Webinars on "Application of Ionising Radiation for Sterilization of Medical Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment and the other Microbiologically Infected

On October 7, 2020 from 2 pm to 6 pm (time Central Europe), there will be webinars organized as part of the CEI project, as an accompanying event of the NUTECH 2020 conference.

The program includes a series of 4 lectures in English:

2.00 pm: Lecture 1: Ionizing radiation sources used in the process of radiation sterilization (Dr. Zbigniew Zimek)
2.50 pm: Lecture 2a: Microbiological aspects of the process of radiation sterilization with the emphasis of virus sterilization possibility (Dr. Sylwester Sommer) Lecture 2b: Low dose of radiation chest therapy - is it possible and effective in case of Covid-19? (Dr. Sylwester Sommer)
4.00 pm: Lecture 3: Ionising radiation influence on the physico-chemical and functional properties of the materials (DSc eng. Krystyna Cieśla)
5.00 pm: Lecture 4: Radiation sterilization of medical equipment, personal protection equipment, and the other microbiologically infected objects (Dr. eng. Andrzej Rafalski)

Issues to be discussed during the meeting: • the interaction of ionizing radiation with matter, comparison of gamma radiation and electron beam, • biological effects of radiation and microbiological aspects of the radiation sterilization process, • the problems of possible changes in the functional properties of the particular materials during the sterilization processing, • radiation sterilization of medical devices.

Participation in the webinars is FREE. The need for prior registration by completing the participation form . Registered participants will receive a link with access to webinars.