The commercial irradiation facility was built to fulfil growing demands for irradiation service. The facility equipped with the electron accelerator Elektronika 10/10 was put into operation at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in 1993.

This accelerator is based on a travelling wave accelerating section. 10 MeV electron energy and up to 15 kW average beam power are applied for radiation processing. The accelerator was manufactured in NPO Torij, Moscow, Russian Federation.

The Radiation Starilization Plant has been certificated by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification since 2007. The objective of the facility management is to provide service in a manner that conforms to the specified requirements of the customers, all applicable regulations, relevant safety standards and the facility quality assurance (QA) programme.

The radiation sterilization facility located at INCT offers a radiation process service to medical, pharmaceutical and industrial sectors. It places particular emphasis on experience, expertise, capability and reliability in customer requirements.

We are pleased to announce that Radiation Sterilization Plant is certified GMP (Good Manufacture Practise) providing the highest quality products.

The main advantages of radiation sterilization are:

  • simplicity and ambient temperature of processing
  • continuous and quick operation
  • use of 100% tight packages
  • absence of residues after processing

Radiation sterilization obviously does not induce radioactivity in irradiated products. Packed products, several in one cardboard box, are exposed to the action of 10 MeV electrons from accelerators on a conveyor.

INCT provides the radiation sterilization service and takes responsibility for delivering the required dose.

For each irradiation run it is certified the delivery of the dose to the product. The time limit of irradiation sterilization service is individually agreeded with the customer (usually it takes 1-3 days) and never exceed 2 weeks.

Radiation Sterilization Plant
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