Dissemination and fostering of plasma based technological innovation for environment protection In the Baltic Sea region.

An international program promoting application of innovative plasma technologies in environmental protection was created in the frame of European Regional Development Fund, Baltic Sea Programme. PlasTEP project, leaded by the Technology Centre of Western Pomerania (TZV) in Greifswald, Germany, joined 15 partners from 8 countries such as Germany, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden. All of these countries work on the development of techniques for emission control of harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides and volatile organic compounds as well as on oil stain removal from sea water.

The main objective of the PlasTEP project is to disseminate knowledge about environmental applications of low-temperature plasma technologies. Project implementation covers both marketing activities and construction of demonstrational plasma devices. The main result of the project will be four prototypes of devices based on plasma technology.

The main outcomes of the project important to the Polish science, education and local authorities are:

  • access to the latest achievements in the field of flue gas and water treatment by plasma technologies
  • further development of the technologies developed and implemented in our country (the construction of a hybrid electron beam and catalytic laboratory reactor for the treatment of exhaust gas)
  • education (summer schools for students, participation in public events)
  • development of scientific staff (publications, doctoral dissertations)
  • promotion – the devices created by the project will be demonstrated in all Baltic countries

Due to participation of three Polish research centers in the project, the final results of the project will be of particular importance for the Polish science. By sharing experiences, these institutions will constitute the core of a future European Center of Pro-ecological Plasma Technologies. Creation of such centre is the far-reaching goal of the project.

PlasTEP Summer School/ Training Course in Warsaw/ Szczecin
25.07. - 05.08.2011
Plasma technology for environment protection

This year, for the first time the international PlasTEP summer school – “Plasma technology For Environment Protection” has been combined with training for entrepreneurs and their employees. The Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology and West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin were organizers of the second edition of the summer school. From 25th July to 5th August 2011 about 30 participants from industry and academic institutions met in Poland in order to explore knowledge about innovative technologies that use low-temperature plasma.

rys1The summer school lasted twelve days and included lectures and discussions of international experts in the field of plasma technology and environment protection. In particular, development of techniques for purification of gases from harmful impurities and remove petroleum contamination from seawater were discussing. The lectures were supplemented with practical, group work concerning essential issues in the field of plasma technology. The participants had the opportunity to assess potential and notice possibilities of applications of plasma technology for environment protection. One of the points of the summer school program was the visit of industrial installation of simultaneous removal of SO2 and NOx from flue gases with use of electron beam in “Pomorzany” Power Plant. The summer school included also visit to the Institute of Plasma Technology in Greifswald (Germany).

Participants received certificates at the end of the summer school. A student from Poland – Agnieszka Molenda (student of Professor Andrzej Grzegorz Chmielewski, Warsaw University of Technology) took a second place among students, in the test entitled to receive a certificate.

The next edition of the summer school will be held in Vilnius and Kaunus in 2012. We cordially invite students and entrepreneurs interested in plasma techniques for environment protection to participate in the summer school.

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