Appointment on 14-10-2010

On 14th of October 2010, in Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, the appointment of working group responsible for realization of project concerning a building of biogas plant at The Roztoczański National Park took place. The undertaking is realized by scientific – technical consortium of UNISERV firm and IChTJ. This project, in 65%, is financed by The National Centre of Research & Development within a framework of IniTech program, the residual costs cover consortium’s leader – UNISERV firm. The Roztoczański National Park supplies substrates (green mass derived from maintenance of no forest ecosystems enriched by maize).

In installation will be applied a two-stage process of fermentation, which allow on getting a stable methanogenesis process and also methane concentration a significantly higher per cent than obtaining level in biogas plant working in Poland.

On the meeting attended: president Leszek Szczygieł (UNISERV), MSc Justyna Wróbel (UNISERV), PhD Jacek Palige (IChTJ), PhD Otton Roubinek (IChTJ), MSc Michał Zalewski (IChTJ), and also creators of patent “The method and system of methane and electric energy and heat generation” – MSc Janusz Usidus, MSc Adam Kryłowicz, MSc Kazimierz Chrzanowski.

During the meeting, the brief foredesign for technical documentation performed by IChTJ’s workers were discussing. The brief foredesign were obtained on the basis of research realized on the experimental installation in Szewnia Dolna. The selected aspects of technological process connected with a technical documentation were also the subject of appointment.

The implemented project is a contribution of technological thought in the world process of obtaining energy from biomass.