Lecturers presentation

Dr Zbigniew Zimek has obtained his PhD degree in 1974. In 1976-1977 period he was engaged as postdoc at The Center for Fast Kinetics Research, University of Texas at Austin, USA. Since 1991 he acts as a Head of Radiation Chemistry and Technology Department (presently Centre for Radiation Research and Technology) at Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, where five electron accelerators are installed and used in basic and applied study in the field of radiation chemistry and radiation technology.
Dr. Zimek is an author or co-author of more than 100 scientific papers published in international journals and he is actively engaged in development and promotion industrial radiation processes and nuclear technology. He was responsible for installation and starting up high power electron accelerators in demonstration and industrial facility for flue gas treatment. He was being appointed as an International Atomic Energy Agency expert and he served in many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America in connection with electron accelerators and EB radiation processing.

Dr . Sylwester Sommer is the Head of the Laboratory of Biological Dosimetry, Centre of Radiobiology, INCT. He is a specialist in radiobiology, biological dosimetry and radiation protection. His Laboratory holds accredited test of ionizing radiation retrospective dosimetry based on chromosome aberration analysis. He has an excellent knowledge of the effects of ionising radiation on living organism, alike human and biota as well as the knowledge of the influence of ionising radiation on microorganisms alike bacteria and viruses, their resistance and ability of the use of ionising radiation in purpose of decontamination/sterilization.
Dr. Sommer is an lecturer in the field of nuclear energy. He gives lectures on radiobiology at Medical Physics Department of University of Warsaw. Dr Sommer is an author or co-author of about 30 scientific publications.

DSc. eng. (Dr. hab. eng.) Krystyna Cieśla, held position of Professor in the Centre of Radiation Chemistry and Technology, INCT. She is a specialist in physico-chemical and structural properties of solid matter and an expert in the field of the influence of ionising radiation on the polymers properties. In 2009 she has edited the book, and in 2010 she has defend habilitation concerning the radiation effects in natural polymers. Prof. K. Cieśla was a head of several projects connected to studies of gamma or electron irradiation influence on polymers, including the projects of IAEA. She has an excellent knowledge of basic phenomena taking place in polymers under irradiation, the abilities and practical use of radiation technologies in decontamination/sterilization and modification of polymers for medical or pharmacological purposes as well as decontamination of the other microbiologically infected objects.
Prof. Cieśla is an author or co-autor of the monograph and more than 80 scientific papers published in international journals, and ca. 80 presentations during scientific conferences. She conducted also lectures dealing with the effect of radiation treatment on polymers for the international environment.

Dr. eng. Andrzej Rafalski, is a Head of Radiation Sterilization Plant, Centre of the Radiation Chemistry and Technology. He connects high basic knowledge of radiation chemistry and practice in irradiation of various materials. Working for many years as a researcher and manager, he has faced various problems directed to desired and non-desired effect of materials irradiation. Dr Rafalski is an expert in the field of radiation sterilization, and in dosimetry. He has recognized practical aspects of irradiation, the possible demands of potential customers and law regulations directed to use of the radiation processing for particular objects.
During his professional activity Dr Rafalski participated actively in dissemination (lecturing) of the knowledge on application of ionizing radiation for sterilization or decontamination purposes, and for possible modification of polymers, including medical applications. He is also an author and co-author of a number of scientific papers.

MSc. eng. Magdalena Rzepna is the employee of the Radiation Sterilization Plant INCT as a Quality Manager. She is responsible of quality assurance system and measurement, implementation of procedures and methods for quality control, control of the irradiation process using control of delivered doses and the energy of electrons. She has completed a number of training courses organized in this area by the IAEA. M. Rzepna is a member of the Technical Committee for Sterilization of the Polish Committee for Standardization, she has an knowledge of regulations and standards that govern the sterilization process of medical devises. She is a PhD student at the Centre of Radiation and Process Technology INCT. Conducting research works on the influence of radiation on polymers, as well as practically using ionizing radiation, she gained experience in the field of application of gamma and e-beam radiation for modification of polymers. M. Rzepna is the author or co-author of several scientific articles, chapters in textbooks for students and several conference presentations.