The International Conference on Development and Applications of Nuclear Technologies NUTECH-2020 was held on 4-7 October 2020 at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Warsaw. The NUTECH-2020 is a continuation of the National Symposia on Applications of Nuclear Techniques in Industry, Agriculture, Medicine and Environment Protection, which have been held in Poland since 1960, almost every three years. From 2008 it attained the international status. With a significant number of foreign participants the NUTECH conference provides a platform for the nuclear science community to share the experience and to learn about the recent developments achieved in nuclear research and their practical applications.

The organizers of the conference were: the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, the AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków and the Polish Nuclear Society. The conference was chaired by Prof. Andrzej G. Chmielewski and Prof. M. Lankosz.

W otwarciu konferencji NUTECH-2020 wzięli osobiście udział Prezes PAA Dr Łukasz Młynarkiewicz, który powitał uczestników konferencji oraz Wiceprezes PAA Andrzej Głowacki. Dyrektor Departamentu Energetyki Jądrowej Dr Tomasz Nowacki również przywitał uczestników konferencji podczas wystąpienia on-line.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, for the first time the NUTECH conference was organized in a hybrid form. Participants could take part in the conference in person or on-line. All lectures were broadcast via a dedicated conference platform. One hundred scientists from all over the world, including 38 from abroad, participated in the conference. Half of the registered participants took part in the conference in person and half on-line. A total of 92 abstracts were submitted to the conference, including 45 oral presentations and 47 poster presentations, which were in the form of short (5 min) presentations.

The PAA President, Dr. Łukasz Młynarkiewicz, who welcomed the conference participants and Andrzej Głowacki, Vice-President of PAA participated in the opening of the NUTECH-2020 conference personally. Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy, Dr. Tomasz Nowacki gave the welcome speech to conference participants on-line.

Prof. Piotr Ulański, Dr Jerzy Majcher, Prof. Suresh Pillai, Prof. Mohamad AL-Sheikhly as well as representatives of the International Atomic Energy Agency Dr. Bumsoo Han and Dr. Partrick Brisset delivered the lectures in the planary session on the conference opening day.

Among the invited speakers were also: Dr. Ziemowit Iwański, Prof. Wacław Gudowski, Prof. Mariusz Dąbrowski, Dr Mirco Grosse, Dr Heinz Nabielek and Prof. Nikolay Kuksanov.

The NUTECH-2020 Conference was organized under honorary patronage of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Climate, the National Atomic Energy Agency and the Office of Technical Inspection.

The conference was organized in compliance with all safety measures, such as social distancing, the obligation to cover the mouth and nose while being in the conference rooms, temperature measurement, disinfection of conference rooms, etc. The conference packages distributed during the conference had been previously irradiated with the use of an electron beam from the accelerator at the Radiation Sterilization Station of Medical Devices and Transplants, which is part of INCT.

Despite the difficult epidemic situation, the conference was a very successful meeting. Up-to-date information on the conference is available at