Scientific visit on "Electron Beam Facilities and Technologies" at INCT in the frame of the RER1019 project

On October 14-18, 2019, at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology a scientific visit on "Electron Beam Facilities and Technologies", co-organized with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held as a part of the RER1019 project "Enhancing Standardized Radiation Technologies and Quality Control Procedures for Human Health, Safety, Cleaner and Advanced Materials". The subject of the visit was primarily devoted to the use of accelerators and radiation technologies to sterilize and modify various materials, ionizing radiation dosimetry, and issues related to the identification of irradiated food.

During the scientific visit, representatives of individual Member States presented their work and achievements in the field of the use of radiation technologies and presented their institutions. As part of the visit, practical exercises on electron radiation dosimetry took place in the Laboratory of Radiation and Technology at the Food Irradiation Plant. The participants visited the Radiation Sterilization Plant, the Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, where there are accelerators and gamma sources as well as equipments for material testing, the Laboratory for Detection of Irradiated Food. They had also the opportunity to became familiar with the activities of the Centre for Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry.

Additionally, on October 17-18, participants took part in the National Seminar on Radiation Sterilization, which is a forum for the exchange of experience in the environment of national specialists dealing with issues of ionizing radiation in industry, medicine, environmental protection and science.

The scientific visit at INCT enabled the participants to become familiar with the institute's accelerator and research infrastructure and broaden their knowledge of ionizing radiation dosimetry and the possibility of using radiation techniques to synthesis, modification and sterilization of polymeric materials.