Workshop at INCT in the frame of the RER1019 project

On October 15-19, 2018, at the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology a workshop entitled "Radiation processing for advanced polymeric materials", co-organized with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) was held as a part of the RER1019 project "Enhancing Standardized Radiation Technologies and Quality Control Procedures for Human Health, Safety, Cleaner and Advanced Materials”. The topic of the meeting was devoted to the use of radiation technologies for synthesis and modification of advanced polymer materials.

The following issues were discussed during the workshop:

  • The interaction of ionizing radiation with matter
  • Polymerization induced by ionizing radiation
  • Radical polymerization in aqueous media
  • Comparison of gamma radiation, electron beam and X-ray radiation
  • Electron accelerators for the radiation processing of polymers
  • Radiation technologies in polymer processing
  • Radiation cross-linking of electric cables and wires
  • Production of polyolefin foams, heat shrink tubes and tapes
  • Curing of polymer composites with ionizing radiation
  • Radiation grafting
  • Radiation techniques used in nanotechnologies
  • Natural polymers modified with ionizing radiation
  • Dosimetry of ionizing radiation
  • Economic aspects of radiation technologies

The workshop was attended by representatives of the IAEA Member States from Croatia, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Macedonia, as well as PhD students, and INCT employees. The lectures were given by an IAEA expert, Professor Clelia Dispenza from the University of Palermo, Italy, and the scientists from the INCT. During the workshop, representatives of individual Member States presented their work in the field of the use of radiation technologies for the synthesis and modification of polymeric materials, as well as scientific achievements of their institutions. The programme of workshop included also practical exercises which took place in the Laboratory of Radiation Modified Polymers and at the Radiation Plant for Sterilization of Medical Devices. Participants visited the Sterilization Station, Centre for Radiation Research and Technology, where accelerators and gamma sources are localized, material testing apparatus and pulse radiolysis facility. They had also the opportunity to learn about the activities of the Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Center.

Participation in the workshop allowed participants to broaden their knowledge on the possibilities of using radiation techniques for the synthesis and modification of polymeric materials, and provides opportunities for establishing scientific cooperation between the Member States taking part in the project.

Additionally, on October 18, 2018, the course on advanced polymer materials modified by ionizing radiation was held at INCT. The title of this meeting was "Innovation for energy and not only". The leading theme was the use of an electron beam to improve the properties of plastics used in energy, in particular in the production of electric cables and wires for special purposes. The meeting was also devoted to heat shrinkable products, medical devices, cellular materials (foams), packaging, car tires, gaskets, membranes, materials for electronics and other possibilities of radiation processing t of polymers. The co-organizer of the training was the Ministry of Energy. The event was under the patronage of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry. The conference was attended by over 50 representatives of industry, scientific and academic centers (including a large group of Ph.D. students) and other participant, for whom knowledge on radiation resistance of polymers is essential (radioactive waste management, sterilization of medical devices, packaging and film production).

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