Workshop "Low energy electron beams for industrial and environmental"

Workshop "Low energy electron beams for industrial and environmental" took place in Warsaw on 8-9 December 2016. The workshop was organized within EuCARD2 Project, which aims to coordinated research and development in the field of particle accelerators, co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Capacities Programme. Co-organizer of the conference was the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology. The meeting was attended by 70 people from 10 countries representing science, manufacturers and end users of the eb technology.

The topics of lectures were focused on applications of electron accelerators in the modification of polymers, environmental protection, the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry. The latest technological solutions related to the design of new types of machines, including mobile unites or electron accelerators with beam energy below 300 keV were presented.

The meeting was concluded with a panel discussion on the possibilities of using, development perspectives and economic aspects of the technology developing and applying electron accelerators. For presentations see: