Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology (INCT) received prolongation as the IAEA's Collaborating Centre for the years 2016 - 2020

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Deputy Director General of the IAEA's, Prof. Aldo Malavasi during the ceremony held on August 30th handed in the Collaborating Centre plaque to Prof. Andrzej G. Chmielewski, Director at INCT headquarters. There are 23 collaborating centres all over the world. Four of them are working in the field of radiation processing. The INCT has been collaborating with the IAEA in various capacities for many years in projects dealing with the application of nuclear science and technology to the fields of energy, environment, health, and agriculture. Their consultative work also contributes to the capacity of Member States in applying radiation technology to the management of agricultural and industrial waste and the decontamination of biological agents. The Institute operates six electron accelerators, including four at plants for food irradiation, sterilization, polymer crosslinking and two laboratory gamma irradiators. As an example of applied radiation technology to air pollution control, INCT developed electron beam flue gas treatment technology applied at an industrial scale. Currently, INCT operates an accredited technological dosimetry laboratory where numerous Member States have undergone intercomparison test in order to maintain their effective and efficient use of radiation technology. In addition, the INCT trains a large number of IAEA fellows at their institute while also sending their own researchers to serve as experts at the IAEA. INCT is coordinating an Erasmus + 2 project on radiation processing of polymers ( and cooperating with EuCARD 2 project , the meeting “Low energy electron beams for industrial and environmental applications” will be held on December 8 - 9 in Warsaw ( Please visit Polish exhibition during the 60th Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference which is set for 26 to 30 September 2016 at the Vienna International Centre (VIC) in Vienna, Austria. We will be there.

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