Visit of representatives of CEA Marcoule in INCT

On 22-23 May 2012 in the new building of the Centre of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology held a meeting between representatives of the renowned French institute CEA Marcoule and representatives of INCT. Aforementioned institutes in their countries are leading research centers, where are conducted research including examinations in the field of fuel cycle for nuclear fuel and utilizing of radioactive waste. The French side emphasized, that these issues are decisive of the further development of nuclear energy. The presentation of ongoing research, especially determine the directions of the broader scientific cooperation in the research projects and the mutual exchange of Ph. D. students and research workers, was the purpose of the meeting. The joint doctorates (already one of this series is implemented) will be of particular importance for the development of this cooperation. Up to now, cooperation between INCT and CEA was performed within the framework of EURATOM joint projects (ACSEPT, ASGARD, IPPA, ADVANCE, RENEB, NEWLANCER). The French side was represented by Hervé Bernard (Deputy CEO, CEA), Christophe Poinssot (Head of the Département RadioChimie et Procédés, CEA), Luc Paradis (Head of Waste Treatment and Conditioning Research Department, CEA), Stephane Bourg (Département RadioChimie et Procédés, CEA), Philippe Moisy (Département RadioChimie et Procédés, CEA), as well as representatives of the French Embassy in Poland: Philippe Pierrard (Counsellor on Nuclear Energy French Embassy) and Dominique Le Masne.

Besides seminars, technical visits to the Radiation Sterilization Station, Centre of Radiation Research and Technology and the Centre of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry took place.

Signing of appropriate agreement between CEA and INCT has been agreed. The French side offered support in the technical and economic assessment of variants (considered by our country) of management of spent fuel and nuclear waste.

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