The INCT re-publisher of the PNT quarterly journal

It is with great pleasure to announce that from 1 January 2012 the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology is the publisher of the quarterly journal – "Progress in Nuclear Technology". The current publisher – the National Atomic Energy Agency asked and agreed to take over publisher duties by the INCT and the acquisition of rights to the title. As we know, the NAEA is currently engaged in the task of adapting the Agency to act as a nuclear regulatory authority, which means that it should not be a publisher of the journal, which promote nuclear energy.

Dr. Stanislaw Latek stays the PNT editor in chief, while the editorial office is transferred to the Institute.

On 12 January 2012 in the Institute, held a meeting of the editorial board of the PNT with the INCT director – prof. Andrzej Chmielewski. During the meeting, the editor of the journal expressed his gratitude to the INCT director for undertaking the duties of the PNT publisher and expressed the hope that this decision will be a success both the Institute and the PNT. The meeting was also an opportunity to discuss the consequences of changes in publisher, and the priorities and issues of the quarterly journal this year.

By the decision of the District Court in Warsaw in the register of newspapers and magazines were made the necessary formal amendments of the publisher and headquarter of the quarterly journal – "Progress in Nuclear Technology."

We remind, that the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology was the publisher of the PNT of the years 1993 - 2007. Thanks to the Institute and with great involvement of the editorial staff, especially Barbara Andrzejak (employee of the INCT at that time), the editorial secretary, the quarterly journal was reborn and is today a leading promoter of knowledge of nuclear. Among many publishers, the INCT employees were and are often the authors of articles and reports published by the PNT, among them: Andrzej G. Chmielewski, Jacek Michalik, Przemyslaw Pańta, Wacław Stachowicz, Zbigniew Szot, Irena Szumiel, Piotr Urbański, Andrzej Wójcik, Zbigniew P . Zagorski, Zbigniew Zimek, Wojciech Głuszewski.
The journal, as "Nukleonika", is issued in cooperation with the Polish Nuclear Society.

We welcome and invite to cooperate.

Editorial of "Progress in Nuclear Technology"