International conference NUTECH-2011

On September 11-14th, in Krakow, the international conference NUTECH-2011(Recent Development and Applications of Nuclear Technologies) was held. The conference was organized by Faculty of Physics and Applied Computer Science, AGH University of Science and Technology, with cooperation of Institute of Nuclear Chemistry an Technology, Polish Energy Group Nuclear Energy, S.A. (PGE, Energia Jądrowa), Polish Nuclear Society (PTN), International Atomic Energy Agency, National Atomic Agency (PAA), European Nuclear Society and Municipality of Krakow. The meeting was a continuation of the former scientific symposia under the cycle “Application of nuclear technologies in industry, medicine, agriculture and environment protection”. The aim of the conference was to stand the chance for scintific community to present the research results and to show the directions and trends in the area of nuclear technologies. Such applications of nuclear technologies like: radiation processes, radiation technologies in environmental protection, nuclear technologies in medicine and biology, nuclear analytical techniques, radiological protection, nuclear control systems, industrial tomography, application of radiotracer methods, radioactive waste management, quality control in nuclear technology, radiation modification of polymers and other radiation technologies, were among the multiple uses of nuclear methods. Special session was devoted to nuclear power: energy production, safety of nuclear facilities, new technologies of treatment and disposal of radioactive waste.

Over 160 researchers from 20 countries (among them USA, France, Germany, Italy, Republic of South Africa, Japan, China, Brazil and South Korea) participated in the conference. 13 plenary and 42 session lectures were delivered, 118 poster announcements were presented. The committee formed by: Prof. Andrzej Kreft, Prof. Andrzej G. Chmielewski and Dr Andrzej Markowicz awarded the prizes in the Best Posters’ Competition. The prizes were granted to: Nacer-Khodja Assia (Radiation grafting of acrylic acid onto chitosan beads for metal ion separation), Wojciech Głuszewski (Application of GC to study radiolysis of cultural heritage artefacts), Andreas Havenith (Prompt and delayed gamma neutron activation analysis for the assay of toxic elements in radioactive waste packages) and Luciana Caminha Afonso (Dose sensitivity enhancement on polymer gel with suspended gold particles). Selected papers will be published in scientific journals: “Nukleonika” and „Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies”.

The conference referred to 100-anniversary of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for Maria Skłodowska-Curie. Additional attraction of the conference was exhibition devoted to Polish Nobelist prepared by Maria Skłodowska-Curie Museum in Warsaw and PAN Archives. The participants will remember marvellous atmosphere of the Szara restaurant in Stary Kazimierz, where the conference dinner took place. The next conference will be organized in 2014 by Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, in Warsaw.

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