Festival of Science 2011

This year XV Festival of Science was held from 16th to 25th September in Warsaw. Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology prepared the demonstrations for participants at The Museum of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, 16 Freta Street. People of all ages were very interested in our exhibition. Participants were familiarized with ionizing radiation, methods of protection against this radiation and where we can find radiation naturally in environment. The youngest build the nuclear power plant with salt-mass. They were also familiarized with principle of operation of nuclear power plant. Additionally, they could take part in the game “Searching of the treasure”, which was the watch with 'radium' hands.

There were also 3 popular scientific lectures presented in the museum prepared by Ph.D. Students from our Institute. The title of presentation prepared by Katarzyna Doner and Agnieszka Sulich was “Radiation inside us and around us”, whereas Seweryn Krajewski talked about natural nuclear reactor in Oklo.

Within the framework of Festival of Science there was the popular scientific lecture on The Departament of Chemical and Process Engineering of Warsaw University of Technology prepared by Prof. A. Chmielewski and Tomasz Smoliński. The title of the presentation was “The nuclear energy, after all”.

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