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Farewell Norman

We have learned recently that Mr. Norman Frank , longtime collaborator of the Institute, passed away. This cooperation began in the late eighties when he was a president of Ebara Co. (USA). Under his direction the pilot plant for flue gas cleaning in the power station in Indianapolis (USA) was built. Ebara USA, the company headed by Mr. Frank visited Dr. Mieczysław Sowiński, President of NAEA of that time, Associate Professor Doctor Engineer Edward Iller and Professor Doctor Engineer Andrzej G. Chmielewski. Dr. Z. Zimek, Dr. B. Tymiński, Dr. J. Licki and M. Sc. S. Bułka also collaborated with him. He advised EC Kawęczyn on the construction of pilot plant and assigned the Institute worth many thousands of dollars monitoring system (founded by DOE), which elements we use up today. In 2000-2005 when he was a consultant of MS Consultants, Co. (USA), we had common stand on POLEKO for many years. “A process for removal of SO2 and NOx from combustion flue gases and apparatus used therefor” joint invention of Z. Zimek, A. G. Chmielewski, I. Artiuch, G. Łysow, N. W. Frank was patented in 15 different countries. Mr. Norman Frank was a man of a great knowledge, experience but also of a great heart, we all loved him. He always regarded with sympathy for our Institute and Poland. He has got his part in the final achievement of the Institute – establishment of INCT Collaborating Centre IAEA.