• B. Baic, B. Kozłowska, R. Kwiatkowski, M. Dybek
    Clinical advantages of using unflattened 6-MV and 10-MV photon beams generated by the medical accelerator Elekta Versa HD based on their dosimetric parameters in comparison to conventional beams
    first online,
  • P. Darnowski, M. Pawluczyk
    Analysis of the BEAVRS PWR benchmark using SCALE and PARCS
    first online,
  • E. Kam, I. A. Reyhancan, R. Biyik
    A portable fast neutron radiography system for non-destructive analysis of composite materials
    first online,
  • Z. U. Yumun, E. Kam
    Ecological analysis of heavy metal and radioactivity potential of Holocene sediments in Iznik Lake
    first online,

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