• S. X. Lima, K. P. S. Costa, Z. R. Lima, F. C. Rother, O. M. O. Araujo, H. C. Vital, T. Brum, W. F. R. S. Junior, J. C. C. Amorim, M. J. F. Healy, E. R. Andrade
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    Full text PDF (195 KB), pp. 41-48
  • M. Muneer, M. Saeed, I. A. Bhatti, A. Haq, M. K. Khosa, M. A. Jamal, S. Ali
    Radiation induced degradation of Congo red dye: a mechanistic study
    Full text PDF (300 KB), pp 49-53
  • A. G. Chmielewski, M. Sudlitz
    ‘Zero energy’ electron beam technology for sludge hygienization
    Full text PDF (550 KB), pp 55-63
  • M. Śleziak, M. Duliński
    Suitability of rocks and sediments from Brzeszcze and Silesia coal mines as building materials in terms of radiological hazard
    Full text PDF (450 KB), pp 65-70
  • N. Kuzu, E. Cicek
    Effects of radiopharmaceuticals on articular cartilage’s mechanical properties
    Full text PDF (100 KB), pp 71-74

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