• P. Stanisz, J. Cetnar, M. Oettingen
    Radionuclide neutron source trajectories in the closed nuclear fuel cycle
    Full text PDF (380 KB), pp. 3-9
  • G. Przybytniak, J. Sadło, M. Dąbrowska, Z. Zimek
    Radicals initiated by gamma rays in selected amino acids and collagen
    Full text PDF (270 KB), pp 11-17
  • O. Khayat, H. Afarideh
    Design and simulation of a multienergy gamma ray absorptiometry system for multiphase flow metering with accurate void fraction and water-liquid ratio approximation
    Full text PDF (1.75 MB), pp 19-29
  • H. N. Khalaf, M. Y. A. Mostafa, M. Zhukovsky
    Effect of electronic cigarette (EC) aerosols on particle size distribution in indoor air and in a radon chamber
    Full text PDF (380 KB), pp 31-38

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