Proceedings of the International Conference on Developments and Applications
of Nuclear Technologies – NUTECH-2017
10–13 September 2017, Kraków, Poland
Guest Editor: Marek Lankosz

  • M. Lankosz
    Developments and applications in nuclear technologies, a challenge for nuclear scientists – NUTECH-2017
    Full text PDF (178 KB), p. 57
  • H. Yücel, R. B. Narttürk, S. Zümrüt, G. Gedik, M. Karadag
    Investigation of thermal neutron detection capability of a CdZnTe detector in a mixed gamma-neutron radiation field
    Full text PDF (370 KB), pp 59-64
  • A. F. N. Perna, S. A. Paschuk, J. N. Corrêa, D. C. Narloch, R. C. Barreto, F. Del Claro, V. Denyak
    Exhalation rate of radon-222 from concrete and cement mortar
    Full text PDF (874 KB), pp 65-72
  • W. Starosta, V. K. Semina, J. Smolik, L. Waliś, M. Rydzewski, B. Sartowska
    Studies on magnetron-sputtered zirconium-silicide coatings deposited on zirconium alloy for the enhancement of their high-temperature oxidation resistance
    Full text PDF (639 KB), pp 73-79
  • W. Głuszewski, A. Stasiek, A. Raszkowska-Kaczor, D. Kaczor
    Effect of polyethylene cross-linking on properties of foams
    Full text PDF (488 KB), pp 81-85
  • M. Oettingen, P. Stanisz
    Monte Carlo modelling of Th-Pb fuel assembly with californium neutron source
    Full text PDF (366 KB), pp 87-91

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