• Md. Akhtaruzzaman, P. Kukolowicz
    Dependence of tissue inhomogeneity correction factors on photon-beam energy
    Full text PDF (227 KB), pp 3-7
  • N. Golnik, M. G. Maciak
    On the role of LET-dependent parameters in the determination of the absorbed dose by in-phantom recombination chambers
    Full text PDF (111 KB), pp 9-15
  • S. Kilim, E. Strugalska-Gola, M. Szuta, M. Bielewicz, S. I. Tyutyunnikov, W. I. Furman, J. Adam, V. I. Stegailov
    Np-237 incineration study in various beams in ADS setup QUINTA
    Full text PDF (362 KB), pp 17-22
  • Professor Robert H. Schuler (1926-2017) – In Memoriam
    Full text PDF (49 KB), p. 23

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