Sulpuric acid concentration gauge MSK-6

The sulphuric acid concentration gauge is designed for continuous, contactless measurement of sulphuric acid concentration in industrial installations and to control the technological processes in control losed loop. The gauge can be adapted for the measurement of concentration of other acids (HF, HNO3, H2 SiF6, H3PO4) and oleum with concentrations lower than 40% SO 3.
The gauge is certified by Central Laboratory of Radiological Protection of Poland, and full radiologically safety is guaranteed for the workers.
The neutron gauges series MSK, systematically modernized, since a long time are used by many Polish plants, e.g.:

  • Mining and Sulphur Processing Plant in Tarnobrzeg,
  • Poznan Chemical Plant, Lubon (close to Poznan),
  • Copper Mill "Legnica" and "Glogow",
  • Chemical Plant "Police",
  • Non-Ferrous Smelting Works "Szopienice",
  • Nitric Plant, Tarnow-Moscice.

Technical data
Measuring range 90% - 99.9% H2SO4 in any subrange with the span 5% wide
Exploitation accuracy 0.2% H2SO4
Concentration indication in % of H2SO4, digital display
Analog output
 - voltage
 - current

0 .. +10 V
0-5 mA or 0-10 mA or 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA

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