Leakproof control of engineering objects Leakproof control and control of the technical condition of engineering objects

The tightness tests method consists in introducing gaseous methyl bromide labelled with Br82 isotope to the investigated system. The tracer being mixed with the medium inside moves towards the leaking place forced by the pressure (from 0.2 MPa to operational pressure). Around the leakage it is adsorbed by purposely applied absorbent (special materials put on before carrying out the test) or natural material such as insulation or soil.
Radiometric measurements around the unit permit to confirm occurence of leakage and precisely localize its place.
Our crews consists of trained specialists, each possessing many years experience, and are equipped in suitable apparatus for preparation of radioactive tracers in the forms matching the labelled media in field conditions. The equipment comprises also tracer injection and measuring devices including sophisticated detectors for in-line measurements. We have developed a number of sorptive materials carefully selected to match the properties of the tracers in use.
In consideration of a procedure and achieved sensitivities one can distinquish following application groups of the discussed leak tightness control method: The objects to be tested do not have to be prepared in any special way, nor it is necessary to amount additional scaffolds or landings.
The methods in Poland have been approved by the State Inspectorate for Industrial Safety. The methods was applicated e.g. in Mazovian Rafining and Petrochemical Works (MZRiP), Rafining Works of Gdansk (GZR) and Enterprise of Exploatation of Petroleum Pipelines (PERN).

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