Dosimetric Laboratory  
Head: Dr Zofia Stuglik  

Teresa Bryl-Sandelewska Ph.D. Wojciech Malicki M.Sc.

The activity of Dosimetric Laboratory (DL) is oriented to development of high (technological) dose measurement techniques. The doses are measured with both absolute (calorimetry) and reference methods, as well. In the last case the amplitude of the radiation effect is measured and a dose is calculated according to calibration curve. There are many relative dosimetric techniques base on the various analytical methods, for instance UV/VIS spectrophotometry, EPR spectrometry, potencjometry, termoluminescence etc. Each type of dosimetric technique has its own limitations and only their multiplicity allow to choice the dosimeter according to the needs. The precise dose measurement is very important in the case of the radiation technologies oriented toward medicine and health care products. So, an effort has been made in DL towards rising the quality of dosimetric measureements to European (EU) and International (ISO) Standards. The apparatus purchasing has been begun, the legalization of equipment is going on, the Quality Book is drawn up. One of the LD member get the certificate of the auditor/leading auditor of Quality Management Systems.
This year we start to realize the EU grant (Inco-Copernicus, No ERBIC 15 CT 960824) which allow us to take part in reference dosimetric investigations coordinated by two well-known Laboratories: High Dose Reference Laboratory at Riso National Laboratory, Denmark and National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, England.
All theese activities should help us to get an accreditation of our Laboratory by Polish Centre of Research and Certification.

1. simple, one-beam UV/VIS spectrophotometer, Hitachi (Japan) 1100,
2. densitometer for quick analysis of irradiated long (up to 3 meters) dosimetric foils, computerized, home-made, done in Department III of INCT,
3. EPR spektrometer EMS-104, Bruker (Germany), working in the X band, constructed specially for quantitative EPR analysis (joint owner: Laboratory for Detection of Irradiated Food),
4. thickness gauge, Sylvac (Swiss),
5. Co-60 gamma source "Issledovatel" (USSR), dose rate in the central part ~62 Gy/min (February, 1997) (access).

1. X-ray and gamma dosimetry by means of Fricke dosimeter
2. Irradiation of small (1-200 ml) objects with strictly defined dose of gamma rays
3. Internal audits of quality menagement systems

The quality system according to the norm EN/PN 45001 is involved.
An accreditation of the Laboratory is planed on 1998/99.
The realization of 3 year EU contract No. ERBIC15CT960824 "Accreditation for High Dose Measurements" is started.
One of the employee of D.L. aquired the qualification of quality menagements systems auditor/leading auditor.